Real Customers – Real Reviews!

As a person who has never felt comfortable in front of a camera, I cannot get over how AMAZING Jennifer helped me feel from the inside out while shooting. She is fun, energetic and somehow finds that little spark that makes you YOU and pulls it out onto camera so you can shine.

I highly recommend her for all your photography needs. Just absolutely brilliant.

Brittany Hollinshead

Jen is incredible to work with! She does such an amazing job at making everyone feel comfortable and takes incredible pictures!

BreeAna Kunz

She captured some shots that I didn’t even know she took. They were some of my most favorite! Jennifer was so much fun and professional! She made me feel so beautiful

LaPreal Hansen

Inrglo’s pictures are far superior to any pictures we have gotten before. Jennifer has a gift for not only seeing and setting up a great shot, but then capturing it in a way that is remarkable! The pictures were definitely pricey, but when we saw the quality, it was an amazing value.

Inrglo is the place we will be going when a professional, quality portrait is needed. Highly recommend!!!

Thomas Winterton

Just received preschool pics of my 3 year old, and I am so impressed. Jennifer did an incredible job of bringing out his personality. Definitely took school pics to a whole new level.

Daria Ragonese

If you are looking for a photographer that captures “the moments that matter.” Jennifer is your girl!

Michael Gray

Jen is Amazing! She’s so good with your kids while taking photos! And you can tell her main goal is to make sure she can get as many photos of your family so you have lots of options!

Heather Watson Frehner

Jennifer is THE BEST with kids. My daughter still talks about this experience. We felt like we were with family and our pictures were her most important priority. I can’t wait for our next session with her 

Brittany Phillips

Jen did the best job! I have never had that great of an experience before with any of my kids. She totally did what I always wanted a photographer to do. She just took my 2 year old & played with her & just did whatever poses & picked all the spots to take her pic’s & I stayed back & let her do it.

It was wonderful!!! I did not have one ounce of stress & they turned out amazing. You are awesome Jen!!! Thanks again!!! I can’t wait to see how our family pic’s will turn out! 🙂

Melanie Kelsch

Jen did an amazing job with our group of 40 for an extended family photo shoot. She was so friendly and patient. She took amazing pictures and somehow was able to get all 28+ kids to all smile at the camera at the same time. She is awesome and our pictures took out fantastic!

Sherece c

She is amazing!! She took my bridals and did a fantastic job! I was worried how I might look in my pictures but she made me look great and made the session a way fun experience 

Emily Green

I cannot say enough about Jen!!! I came to her studio expecting to get my headshot taken and ended up getting so much more! My past is filled with rejection, abuse, repression, and low self-worth, which I’ve worked hard to heal for over a decade. I thought I was in a pretty great place! Working with Jen in front of the camera revealed a big block that I didn’t realize was still there. Her light, her energy, her supportive, enthusiastic approach, and her compassionate and non-judgmental encouragement gave me the freedom to push through the discomfort and experience new possibilities about myself.

If you struggle, on any level, to see yourself as the beautiful, amazing person you are, GO SEE JEN! You will be changed by the experience.

Jennifer Manges

Jennifer did my headshots for the Mrs. Utah 2018 pageant, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with not only the pictures but the experience! She made me feel comfortable and beautiful. She is extremely relatable, and it makes perfect sense why her business is called Inrglo because she brought out the spark inside me!

Payton Hall

This company did the school photos at my kids’ preschool and the result was amazing! Definitely, a professional photographer at work here as these photos are nothing like the usual school sub-par school photos you see.

My kids even have real smiles in the photos instead of plastered on fake ones, so the photographer must not only be good at photography but at making nervous kids laugh as well. 🙂

Tawnya Keller