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I finished photography school and I had no idea what to do next.  I had the skills to do photography but I had no idea how to run the business side of it.  I had some kids come over in the neighborhood, I took pictures of them and I put them on a flyer that said, Preschool Pictures $25. Then I went to school all over the valley passing out fliers as a preschool photographer.  Once the first school said 'Yes', it was then that I had to figure out how to become a preschool photographer.  

Six months later, I went to my first networking event.  It changed my life. I had no idea there were actual people that wanted to help you in business. I immersed myself in the entrepreneur world and started doing corporate headshots and event photography.  I was hired from all over the state to take headshots for CEO’s and to walk around interacting at company parties capturing the moment while celebrating their teams yearly successes. 

A few years later the corporate world became more and more successful through photography and it wasn’t what you think it would be. Companies were starting to realize the difference INRGLO made in their culture. 

It wasn’t just about taking photos, INRGLO offered so much more.  They remembered who our clients were. They interacted with them and built relationships. INRGLO helped everyone feel included, valued and seen. It’s not whats behind the camera that captures the moment. It’s freezing the moment the company wants to remember. It’s making the team and their family feel important and have a great time. 

As photographers, we help create the experience. We interact with everyone and help them have a great time. We want to help bring out their INRGLO, so we can capture it in real time. 

I got to go around and spent time with over 100 CEO’s in Utah, but I wasn’t just taking photos, I was capturing what they are passionate about.  That’s what INRGLO is.

Jennifer Gardner


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